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On this page you can see the general characteristics of our wireless micro camera module. We are able to customize all our microcameras, the shape, the battery life and the objects inside which to hide the wireless modules

EUR measures: 1 = 1,6cm; 2 = 2,4cm; 3 = 3cm; 4 = 13cm; 5 = 8,4cm

EUR Weight: 20gr + battery.

Our micro camera was designed for military needs. Subsequently this version was marketed for use by the Police and private investigators. Our microcamera lends itself to any type of concealment, both under clothes and inside objects or cars. The strength of our microcamera is that of having a single module that can be configured with different types of lenses.

Price for retails:

Price Type A - 2.100$

Price Type B - 2.000$

Price Type C - 2.000$

Price Type D - 1.900$

Price Type E - 2.300$